Painters I admire Bruce Pell, Mario Robinson, John Fratus


   "While standing on location in a place I have never visited, I begin to recognize what is different about it from all the other places I have been. I try to capture that, the uniqueness," says Fratus.

   As a painter Fratus travels extensively painting what he sees and feels.  Bold use of color and detailed ink work combined with the atmosphere of the place is what you will see and feel when viewing a painting by Fratus.

   Born in Lakehurst, New Jersey in 1950, Fratus was raised in Pennsylvania. At an early age he began to draw and paint and was lucky enough to have been inspired by a grandmother who was an oil painter.  "She would give me the paint, some brushes and a scrap of canvas and set me off to paint.  This early experience took the fear out of creating a painting," said Fratus.

   Fratus started traveling at an early age.  At 18 he crossed the country and met many interesting people and saw many things that inspired him to paint, but what most interested him were the great works of art he encountered. Remington with his paintings of the west and Dutch masters’ and their renditions of the great galleons. "They haunted me and helped set the course for my career as a painter". With his wife he traveled to Key West and they bought a cabin cruiser to live in. Inspired by the schooners, shrimp boats, and tropical atmosphere he began his art career.

   "Doing drawings of anything that moved me, things began to sell and my course was set," said Fratus.

   Upon his return to Texas, Fratus began painting scenes of landmarks, ranches, and the countryside.



Red Door Gallery – Key West, FL
Bucket o Blood Gallery – Key West, FL
LaGuna Gloria Art Museum – Austin, Texas
Dego Gallery – Key West, FL


Greater Keys Art Association
The Lower Keys Artists’ Network
Marathon Art Guild

Art Shows

Artists in Paradise – Big Pine Key, Florida
Upper Keys Seafood Festival – Marathon, FL
Purple Isles Art & Crafts Guild – Tavernier, FL
St. Peters Art Show – Big Pine Key, Florida
Boondocks Art Show – Key West, FL
Banana Bay Art Show – Marathon, FL
8th Annual Island Art Fair – Marathon, FL